I’m Jeff Rivett, and this is my web site. My goal is to provide useful information and tools to PC users. For now, it’s mostly about Windows, but I will add Linux information as I gradually move to that O/S over the next few years.

I’ve been working with and writing about microcomputers since my first Apple II+. For years, people have been paying me to work with computers, which is pretty swell. I’ve done loads of different kinds of computer-related work, including software development (aka coding, programming), technical writing, support (all tiers), system administration, project planning, management, and so on. Check out the Links section to see some of my other web sites.

One of the things I’ll try to do with this site is provide timely and useful information about operating system (O/S) and software updates, trends in malware and security, and so on. The idea is to provide a place you can go to get up to date information that you really need if you use a PC.

If you’re curious about the site name, you’ll find an explanation elsewhere on this site.

Rants and musings on topics of interest. Sometimes about Windows, Linux, security and cool software.