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Take a look at this post on the Opera blog. Go ahead, I’ll wait here until you get back.

Now, did that look like an announcement for a new version of Opera? It does mention an Opera version (36), but it doesn’t say whether version 36 has been released, or if so, when. Maybe it means they’re still working on it. Maybe it was released two weeks ago and they’re just now talking about it. There are also no links to release notes or change logs.

I don’t keep current version numbers in my head. So I ran Opera and checked its About page. Sure enough, it was version 35, and it started downloading Opera 36 right away. Great!

To find out what changed in Opera 36, I started with the current software versions page (that I formerly maintained) on this site. That page had links to the Opera change logs and release notes (current, previous, and history).

According to the change log for Opera 36, the new version fixes numerous bugs, including some related to crashing and performance issues. None of the bugs addressed seem to be related to security.

The sort-of announcement for Opera 36 doesn’t provide much additional information. Mostly it’s about improvements related to Windows 10.

There’s also a ‘unified change log‘ for Opera 36, that lists what Opera considers to be the most important changes in Opera 36: better Windows 10 compatibility, minor improvements to the Start page, and stability and performance improvements.

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