Opera 49.0.2725.56

Opera just updated itself on my main computer, and now I’m running version 49.0.2725.47, which Opera itself says is the latest version. Which is odd, because the change log for Opera 49 shows the most recent set of changes is for version 49.0.2725.56.

Version confusion aside, the changes listed for Opera 49.0.2725.56 appear to be minor bug fixes. Which is weird, because the new version announcement mainly talks about improvements to Opera’s built-in VPN (Virtual Private Network) feature. The updated VPN service is apparently faster and better; it’s also now hosted on Opera’s own servers instead of SurfEasy’s.

If you use Opera’s built-in VPN, version 49.0.2725.56 may be worth exploring. Otherwise it’s unlikely to be of much interest.

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