If you don’t want Windows 10, disable Automatic Updates

Microsoft is really ramping up the annoyance factor lately. The latest is that some time in 2016, Windows 7 and 8.x computers will start seeing Windows 10 as a ‘Recommended’ update in Windows Update. If you have Windows Automatic Updates enabled, your computer will be upgraded to Windows 10 on some arbitrary night in early 2016, while you’re asleep.

This is bad for several reasons. Here are a few:

  • For anyone not interested in upgrading to Windows 10, this renders Automatic Updates unusable. Yes, there are people who want to use Automatic Updates, but don’t want to upgrade to Windows 10. Lots of them. Including a lot of grandparents.
  • There have already been reports of problems with Windows 10 being installed when it wasn’t wanted. If Microsoft messes this up somehow, a lot of people are going to be mighty annoyed when they wake up to Windows 10 on their computer.
  • There are loads of reasons not to upgrade to Windows 10, including incompatible software and hardware. An unwanted Windows 10 upgrade could mean a lot of time wasted downgrading or looking for alternatives.
  • Microsoft has started talking about Windows 10 in business and education settings, saying they’ll provide workarounds for these types of problems. But it can’t be very encouraging to business IT folks to hear announcements like this.

The Verge has more.

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