Hook: find without searching

A new software tool from CogSci Apps called Hook lets you link together web sites, emails, documents, and many other resoures, making it a simple matter to find those resources again later. Open one resource, then use Hook to open any or all of the related resources.

Here’s an exerpt from the Hook web site:

Hook for macOS
Find without searching.
Instantly access the information you need, without searching. Whether it’s in the Finder, email, on the web, in the cloud, a version-control system, … almost anywhere.

Currently available only for Mac, a Windows version is in the early planning stages.

If you have a Mac and want to try Hook, you can download the free version from the Hook Download page.

Paid versions of Hook include more features. You can see how the different versions compare on the Hook Buy page.

JRC is a CogSci Apps affiliate. If you purchase a paid version of Hook within 30 days after visiting the Hook Buy page using any Hook Buy page link on this page, Jeff Rivett Consulting will receive 15% of the purchase price.

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Jeff Rivett has worked with and written about computers since the early 1980s. His first computer was an Apple II+, built by his father and heavily customized. Jeff's writing appeared in Computist Magazine in the 1980s, and he created and sold a game utility (Ultimaker 2, reviewed in the December 1983 Washington Apple Pi Journal) to international markets during the same period. Proceeds from writing, software sales, and contract programming gigs paid his way through university, earning him a Bachelor of Science (Computer Science) degree at UWO. Jeff went on to work as a programmer, sysadmin, and manager in various industries. There's more on the About page, and on the Jeff Rivett Consulting site.

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