Windows 10 privacy concerns are legitimate

Microsoft Corporate Vice President Joe Belfiore has finally admitted what we’ve known all along: Windows 10 talks to Microsoft servers even if you’ve disabled every available privacy-related setting.

Of course, Belfiore says that this is nothing to worry about, since it’s being done to make Windows 10 work better for everyone. He’s probably not lying about Microsoft’s intentions, but all the same, I don’t want my O/S to do this kind of thing. And I don’t care if blocking this unwanted communication makes Microsoft’s work more difficult.

Unless Microsoft relents and provides a method for disabling all of this anti-privacy communication, your choices are: a) give up and stop worrying about it; b) avoid Windows 10 completely; or c) use one of the available third-party methods, such as Spybot Anti-Beacon, to block all of this ‘phone home’ behaviour.

Normally, I’d go for option C. But I’m running Windows 10 as part of the Insider Preview program, and blocking all communication to Microsoft would almost certainly result in my being kicked from the program. So it’s option A for me.

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