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Internet Explorer 6, 7 and 8 vulnerable to new exploit

A new exploit, targeted at users of older versions of Internet Explorer, recently surfaced. IE 9 and 10 are not vulnerable to this exploit.

Microsoft is working on a patch, but until it’s available, anyone using Internet Explorer 6, 7 or 8 should exercise extreme caution when browsing the web, or – better yet – switch to a different browser such as Firefox, Opera or Chrome.

Unfortunately for anyone still using Windows XP, including a large number of corporate users, recent versions of IE (9 and 10) don’t run on that version of Windows. XP users are strongly encouraged to stop using Internet Explorer.


It’s another Patch Tuesday for Microsoft software

This month there are seven bulletins, addressing twelve issues in Windows, Internet Explorer (including IE 10) and Office. The Microsoft Security Response Center has a useful summary. For the gory details, see the official security bulletin for the December updates over at Technet.

Here are the bulletins:

Firefox 17 released

The latest version of Firefox includes some security improvements designed to help prevent malware infection via out of date versions of Adobe Reader, Adobe Flash and Microsoft Silverlight. Specifically, when Firefox tries to display content using those older plugins, it will prompt the user for confirmation.

Version 17 also includes the usual assortment of security, performance and other bug fixes.