It’s another Patch Tuesday for Microsoft software

This month there are seven bulletins, addressing twelve issues in Windows, Internet Explorer (including IE 10) and Office. The Microsoft Security Response Center has a useful summary. For the gory details, see the official security bulletin for the December updates over at Technet.

Here are the bulletins:

Windows 8 crapware

Just in case you had any doubt, new PCs loaded with Windows 8 also come pre-bloated with crapware. For those unfamiliar with the term, crapware refers to the software pre-installed on OEM systems that typically adds nothing useful, but uses up system resources and causes slowness and instability.

OEM system builders like Dell, HP, Acer and so on install the software because they make money from it: third-party software companies pay the OEM builders to install trial versions of their software. Other types of crapware originate with the OEM builder: software that delivers advertising, offers to sell more products, reminds the customer to register their software, tracks usage, and a host of other shady purposes, often presented as helpful.

Some builders offer an option to buy systems without the crapware, but that will cost you extra. A better solution is to use the free software PCDecrapifier.

ITWorld has some details on new Windows 8 crapware they’ve encountered.

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